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Men Are Slaves - Sep 12, 2013

Men Are SlavesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, September 12, 2013 12:25PM
Boot Slut, Part 1

Boot sluts lick boots clean. That’s what they live for, to wait around all day for their Goddess to come how so they can lick all the dirt that has accumulated on their pretty boots. Marie and Staci own a boot slut as they are very handy to keep around, that way when they come home he instantly springs into action and licks.

This time though it seems like their boot slut is slacking a bit, as while he makes an attempt to lick their boots clean it isn’t to the ladies satisfaction. That simply won’t do, and in part 2 he will learn with extreme pain that boot sluts get punished just like any other slave when they don’t perform to their owner’s satisfaction.

Men Are Slaves

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