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HumiliationPOV - Apr 19, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sun, April 19, 2015 04:50PM

High And Humiliated.

April 18th, 2015 - Category: femdom pov

Goddess Tierra.

Are you high again? LOL! You’re always high when you’re on HumiliationPOV. You just can’t help yourself. It just feels so good to be humiliated by all these hot brats while you’re high. Go on, watch me and take another hit. I know you want to. Smoke through the whole video. I’m going to get you so high and humiliate you because that’s what you love. Admit it loser. You live to get high and jerk and get humiliated. It turns you on so much.

You’re a fucking stoner loser with no life. This is all you fucking do, smoke and jerk. It’s fucking pathetic. You spend all your money on weed and bratty girls. You’re a real loser. Take another hit and keep jerking. I want you fucking stupid.

Your whole life is passing you by, but you don’t care. You can’t think when you’re stoned and horny. You just want to mindlessly jerk away every fucking day of your life. It’s so sad. But you can’t stop. You’re addicted. Keep smoking, destroy those brain cells.

Just a porn jerking stoner with no friends. You don’t even want friends anymore, they’d get in the way of your daily obsession of smoking and jerking. And you wouldn’t want that. You long to be stoned, alone and broke, with any empty wallet and an empty cock. You’re fucking useless.

I’ll bet you’re so high now you can barely think straight. But that’s ok, I don’t want you to think. I want you to stroke and spend. You’re so stupid.


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