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Ella Kross - Apr 19, 2015

Ella KrossPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sun, April 19, 2015 01:50PM

Beating the Shit out of This Loser!

Added: 18-04-2015 - Length:6 min:51 sec

After being victorious in a game I played against a slave, I punish him as promised by making him stand before me and beating the shit out of him using my fists and feet. I deliver painful punches and kicks to his bare torso and laugh as he buckles in pain, crying out in agony as he does so.

You can tell I have a kickboxing background as I strike him over and over again, showing no mercy as I pummel him and love every second of his torment. I prove I`m not one to be fucked with as I continue unleashing a barrage of blows to this loser, laugh maniacally while I do it. When he falls to the bed I waste no time hopping on top of him and using my strong thighs to put his neck in a scissor-hold.

I smother his face while punching his abdomen as he writhes in misery beneath me. For minutes on end I relentlessly abuse this jerk while cackling in delight at the damage I`m doing!

TAGS: mixed wrestling , mixed fighting , kicking Categories: Female Domination

Ella Kross

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