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Ballbusting Pornstars - Apr 19, 2015

OTHERPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sun, April 19, 2015 09:24AM

4/15/2015: Corporate Office Blackmail Ballbusting Revenge by Veronica Jett.

Veronica Jett delivers some fierce office fucking and ballbusting!

Eric came by Veronica's desk and threatened to report all of her corporate embezzlement schemes unless she had sex with him. Reluctantly, she decided to fuck him in her office, and she milked his cock and balls my making him cum all over her sweaty, tight, hot body.

While he was vulnerable and naked in front of her, she decided to immediately enact her revenge by grabbing his emptied balls and giving him several hard punches and kicks! The low-level manager underestimated Veronica Jett's wrath, and she unleashed it upon him with a flurry of brutal ballbusting kicks!

After giving him a copious amount of nutrition with her female sweat, Rapture began crushing his balls with her ass by bouncing on them and making them nearly pop under the pressure of her weight. She then turned around and began cameltoe-ballbusting him by crunching his nuts in between her pussy!

The sexy brunette ballbuster stomped his balls everal times with her feet covererd in black fishnet stockings. She told him that if he ever tried to threaten her again with corporate blackmail, she would completely destroy his manhood. As he left her office limping away and cupping his sore testicles, he vowed to hide all of her secrets and worship the ground she walked on.

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Ballbusting Pornstars

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