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HumiliationPOV - Apr 17, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, April 17, 2015 08:00PM

Teasing Your Brain With My Dangling Heel.

April 16th, 2015 - Category: Foot Domination.

Miss Tiffany.

You like watching my heel dangle, don’t you? Just that simple tease of me balancing my shoe on my toes. You can see the sole and arch of my foot completely exposed as you watch my heel go up and down. It puts you in a trance, a foot, heel, dangle trance. And as you stare you can see my beautiful calf muscle, my high arches. You find it hard to look away. It’s so easy to capture your attention just by dangling my shoe in front of your face.

I understand your obsession with feet and heels which makes it so easy for me to control you with my dangle. I know how to tease your brain with my feet and I’m going to tease the fuck out of you. I know how hard this makes you. My feet and heels are perfect. I am a true foot Goddess and I know you’d give anything to worship my feet, to be beneath my dangling heel. You’re getting so horny and stupid, your cock is throbbing, wishing it could rub up against my feet, or touch my heel. You wish you could be close enough to breathe in my scent. I’m driving you crazy, aren’t I?

I can take you to the edge, just by dangling my heel. I’m such a distraction, you can’t seem to focus on anything else. But who could blame you with temptation right before your eyes. My bare feet, my sexy heels, my shapely calf teasing you, making your mind wander. You’re my victim. You’re turned on by something so simple.

Jerk it faster. Lose control. Lose yourself to my feet and heels. Your cock is throbbing now, right on the edge.. I know what I’m doing to you loser. You’re my mindless, drooling zombie. I’m going to leave you here, in a trance, hooked on my feet and heels.


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