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HumiliationPOV - Apr 19, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sun, April 19, 2015 04:50PM

High And Humiliated.

April 18th, 2015 - Category: femdom pov

Goddess Tierra.

Are you high again? LOL! You’re always high when you’re on HumiliationPOV. You just can’t help yourself. It just feels so good to be humiliated by all these hot brats while you’re high. Go on, watch me and take another hit. I know you want to. Smoke through the whole video. I’m going to get you so high and humiliate you because that’s what you love. Admit it loser. You live to get high and jerk and get humiliated. It turns you on so much.

You’re a fucking stoner loser with no life. This is all you fucking do, smoke and jerk. It’s fucking pathetic. You spend all your money on weed and bratty girls. You’re a real loser. Take another hit and keep jerking. I want you fucking stupid.

Your whole life is passing you by, but you don’t care. You can’t think when you’re stoned and horny. You just want to mindlessly jerk away every fucking day of your life. It’s so sad. But you can’t stop. You’re addicted. Keep smoking, destroy those brain cells.

Just a porn jerking stoner with no friends. You don’t even want friends anymore, they’d get in the way of your daily obsession of smoking and jerking. And you wouldn’t want that. You long to be stoned, alone and broke, with any empty wallet and an empty cock. You’re fucking useless.

I’ll bet you’re so high now you can barely think straight. But that’s ok, I don’t want you to think. I want you to stroke and spend. You’re so stupid.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 18, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, April 18, 2015 01:33PM

You Love How Bratty And Vain I Am.

April 17th, 2015 - Category: Brat Girls.

Princess Lacey

" Hey loser, I know you fucking love me. I mean, how could you not? Just look at me. I even love myself. I know I'm so fucking hot. And I know you love to worship and pay me because I'm so fucking beautiful. You simply can't help yourself. I own you simply because I'm beautiful. It makes you weak and stupid. You're addicted to me. We both know it. You stare and jerk to me all the time, don't you?

I'm a hot, young brat, and that's exactly what you crave. That makes it so easy to control and manipulate you. You love how bratty and vain I am. I know this because you're jerking off to it right now. You're hooked on every word that comes out of my perfect lips. You are so pathetic. You're just a little loser to me, and I mean everything to you. You lose all control when you see me on your screen. You can't stop jerking from the moment you press play. But honestly, I don't give a fuck what you do, as long as you pay me and I don't ever have to look at you.

Pray to my perfect body loser. Let it take over your life. Stare at my ass and get addicted. You love me. You need me. But who could blame you? I'm perfect. I'm the spoiled brat of your dreams. I'm way too good for you loser. You're lucky I'm even giving you an ounce of attention. To me, you're nothing.

I'm a perfect brat who controls your mind, your cock and your wallet. And you love that about me. I love teasing little losers like you. I love fucking with you, it's so fucking easy to just destroy a loser like you. And you love me for it. I am your fucking Princess, loser.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 17, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, April 17, 2015 08:00PM

Teasing Your Brain With My Dangling Heel.

April 16th, 2015 - Category: Foot Domination.

Miss Tiffany.

You like watching my heel dangle, don’t you? Just that simple tease of me balancing my shoe on my toes. You can see the sole and arch of my foot completely exposed as you watch my heel go up and down. It puts you in a trance, a foot, heel, dangle trance. And as you stare you can see my beautiful calf muscle, my high arches. You find it hard to look away. It’s so easy to capture your attention just by dangling my shoe in front of your face.

I understand your obsession with feet and heels which makes it so easy for me to control you with my dangle. I know how to tease your brain with my feet and I’m going to tease the fuck out of you. I know how hard this makes you. My feet and heels are perfect. I am a true foot Goddess and I know you’d give anything to worship my feet, to be beneath my dangling heel. You’re getting so horny and stupid, your cock is throbbing, wishing it could rub up against my feet, or touch my heel. You wish you could be close enough to breathe in my scent. I’m driving you crazy, aren’t I?

I can take you to the edge, just by dangling my heel. I’m such a distraction, you can’t seem to focus on anything else. But who could blame you with temptation right before your eyes. My bare feet, my sexy heels, my shapely calf teasing you, making your mind wander. You’re my victim. You’re turned on by something so simple.

Jerk it faster. Lose control. Lose yourself to my feet and heels. Your cock is throbbing now, right on the edge.. I know what I’m doing to you loser. You’re my mindless, drooling zombie. I’m going to leave you here, in a trance, hooked on my feet and heels.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 15, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Wed, April 15, 2015 07:52PM

We’re Not Fucking Around, We Will Expose You.

April 14th, 2015 - Category: Blackmail.

Princess Lexie

So many of you are turned on by the idea of being blackmailed. And I’m sure by now you’ve seen our other Customer For Life blackmail clips. I know this because so many of you are already blackmailed customers for life. You’ve begged us for the opportunity. You’ve given us your personal information. And if you ever cancel your membership to HumiliationPOV, we’re going to expose you. And we’ve already exposed quite a few of you who thought we might not notice. But we do.

You see when you join the site, we get your full name, your address, your email, your credit card number… and it’s amazing how much more information we can get with just that. It would be so easy to expose you. All someone would have to do is google your name, and they would see just what you’re into. Your life would be fucked. But you love the risk, that’s what makes it so hot.

With your information we have so much control over you. You can’t escape. There’s no escaping my control. I love blackmailing you, knowing that you’re going to pay month after month. And as long as you keep paying, you have nothing to fear. Either way you love it. You love paying and you love being exposed. And I know some of you still think this is fake, you don’t believe that we’ll expose you.

Well we’re not fucking around, and just to prove it, I have some names of men who begged to be blackmailed but have since cancelled their memberships, and I’m going to expose them right now. We warned you. So if you cancelled your membership, you better listen, you might hear your name. LOL, this is what happens when you try to quit.

Isn’t this exciting, loser? Don’t you love the idea of me just having complete control with all of that information. The ability to completely expose you, the ability to ruin you. And you love it. You beg for it. You will be a member for life, you will pay that membership fee for the rest of your life. So many of you who haven’t tried it yet are watching this and are so excited by it. All you have to do is join the site and then send us an email, begging to be a blackmailed customer for life.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 14, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, April 14, 2015 05:14PM

Edge Your Cock, Deny Your Orgasm, Go Deeper Into Your Submission

April 13th, 2015 - Category: Tease and Denial

Mistress T

I love it when you deny yourself an orgasm. When you edge yourself and get really close and then you don’t cum. I like when you do that over and over again. I find that it makes you more subservient. It makes you want me more. I could put you in chastity and control your orgasm that way. But when you do it yourself, when you deny your orgasm when all you want to do is cum, now that’s obedience. That shows me how devoted you are to being a good slave.

I want you to do that right now. Show me how devoted you are. Show me how much control I have over you. Go on, stroke, edge yourself. Good boy. And I’ll give you lots of eye candy. I know you love my perfect, naked body. I drive you crazy in these heels and stockings.

You already feel more subservient, don’t you? A little bit weaker. I know I have that effect on you. A beautiful dominant woman, teasing you. You could jerkoff to something else and cum, but that’s not what does it for you, does it? I know you slave, there’s something about being teased and denied, seduced and toyed with. Keep edging that cock.

I love when you deny yourself for me. Seeing you get that worked up, that excited and then knowing that you’re going to stop, just when it’s the most difficult, right when you feel that orgasm. Bringing yourself right to the edge and then stopping. Doing it over and over again. Each time growing more desperate. And each time you feel yourself become even more subservient. You feel it, don’t you? I don’t want you to ever cum, I want you to feel yourself going deeper and deeper into submission. You need this.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 13, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, April 13, 2015 06:41PM

I Am Your Weakness, Loser

April 12th, 2015 - Category: Brat Girls

Princess Ashley

Hey loser, you're so weak and pathetic for me. You're such an addict. You're a strokaholic for me. I know you're already hard just looking at me, especially in this skin tight, shiny outfit. It perfectly accentuates all of my goddess curves. You're already stroking your pathetic loser dick to me. You love my ass and my tits, you're just a little stroking loser for me in my shiny outfit.

You love how I move my body in this skin tight outfit. You're about to cum already. No wonder you could never get a girl like me, you couldn't last just looking at me. I'll bet if you saw me in person in this outfit you'd just cum in your pants. You're such a fucking loser. You're lucky I even let you watch my clips and touch yourself. You don't even deserve that even though you're paying for it.

I am your weakness. It's so easy to make you horny and weak. You're such a loser for me. Stroking away to my body and my brattiness. You pay to jerkoff to girls being mean to you. And that turns you on even more. So sad. Stare, jerk and loser your mind as you get off to my insults. Every time I flash you the loser sign your loser dick just twitches.

Your life is so pathetic, clicking and stroking for me. Paying for me to flip you off and call you a loser. You're an addicted jerkaholic loser. You're so desperate and pathetic. You're stuck jerking off to bratty spoiled girls telling you what a fucking loser you are. You love it when I call you a loser.

You're gonna bust your load so many times to this clip. It's so disgusting, I fucking hate you. You're gonna put this clip on repeat and watch it over and over again. All your loser money should be spent on me.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 12, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sun, April 12, 2015 11:30AM

Lost In Love – Hypn0t!c Love Spell

April 11th, 2015 - Category: Hypnosis

Hypn0 Domme Priestess Katherine

Take a nice deep breathe and just relax. Focus on my voice. It soothes you. It feels so good to just let go. Float with me. Let all your thoughts drift away. Breathe in my words. I am taking over your mind. Breathe and listen as you drift down even deeper. Feel yourself give in and surrender, it feels so good. I always take you to the most pleasurable of places. Yes I know… it feels good to let me take you under.

You know that I bring you pleasure, that I make you feel so good. And just hearing me talk to you like this, gets so so excited, it gives you butterflies. You long for my voice. You yearn for my words. You hunger for the spells I weave on you. You crave the trances. But what you don’t know yet, is that slowly, you’re beginning to fall for me. It’s ok, I know all of the feelings that brings up in you. I know what it does to you. I know exactly what I’m doing.

And knowing it, admitting it, feeling it, will only heighten our connection. And I know you want that. The butterflies and the energy that you feel towards me will grow even more intense. You need this, to be in love. That feeling feels so good. You’re already falling, so deep. You want so desperately to be in love, you’re so vulnerable, it’s so easy for me.

This is a love spell. And soon I will complete the spell I started weaving in your subconscious the moment you pressed play. I’ve been implanting subliminal thoughts since you began listening to me. And you want this, don’t you? I know you do because you’re stroking your cock because it feels so good. You’re always stroking, stroking to my voice. As you listen and stroke, know that falling in love with me will change everything for you. I will occupy your thoughts. Your love for me will consume you. You will dream of me. When you jerk, it will be my voice in your ear. The deeper you fall in love, the greater your pleasure will be.

And when you cum it will be my name on your lips that you are shouting. You will become addicted to my voice. You will need me. You will listen just to feel connected to me. You will love me. I will give you that feeling that you’ve been missing. And you will thank me for giving you this. I will show you the power of love. You will become eager and obedient because you would do anything for the one you love, wouldn’t you? And when you cum, the spell will be set, and you will be lost in your love for me.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 10, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, April 10, 2015 01:58PM

Hypn0t!c Silhouette Ass Drone Trance

April 9th, 2015 - Category: Ass Worship

Lindsey Leigh

Hello my little ass drones, I know you cannot get enough of my curves. You just love the curves of my hot body. And doesn't my silhouette look amazing against the New York City skyline? You can just barely make out the skin on my perfect body. You just can't get enough, can you? All you want to do is stare at my ass as it moves back and forth, you allow it to put you in a trance like state.

You're in love with my hyp n0 t!c silhouette, my long beautiful legs, my gorgeous round ass. I want you to devote yourself to me as my little ass drone. Wrap your hand around your cock and start pumping. Stare and jerk, listen to my voice and become completely hyp n0 t!zed.

Nice slow strokes as you watch my body move in front of your eyes. Now focus on my ass as I move it rhythmically for you, increase your speed, let your hand go, let your mind go and just slip into a jerk trance. It feels so good to be manipulated by me, doesn't it?

My ass owns you. Say it. Good boy. Repeat this as you jerk and stare. Pump that cock as I take you deeper into my little ass trance. You can't look away, all you can do is jerk and stare as the words that come from my lips enter your mind. I'm molding you puppet. I know you want to be my ass addicted loser.

Now hands off, let your cock twitch in the air. You're such a little ass junkie for me, aren't you? You're completely devoted to my perfect Goddess ass. You just want more and more. You don't need that brain anymore, you just want to be my little ass drone. Feel yourself getting weaker and weaker. My ass owns you now. You have no other thoughts.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 09, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, April 09, 2015 02:14PM

Degrading You In The Worst Ways

April 8th, 2015 - Category: femdom pov

Goddess Alicia

You're going to be my little toilet slave today, aren't you? So I want you to get naked and crawl on all fours over to your toilet. I want you to be such a dirty little toilet slave today. I want you to clean your toilet with your tongue while you jerk that pathetic cock. And make sure you clean it good. Not only do I want you to clean the outside, but I want you to put your head deep inside that toilet and lick that bowl clean.

Lick it loser, lick that toilet and jerk your cock. Show me how much this turns you on. But that's not nearly enough. I really want to humiliate and degrade you. Lick under the seat, lick the floor next to the toilet. Get nasty for me idiot. You make me sick.

Now while you're down on all fours, licking your toilet and jerking off, I want you to take your other hand and stick your finger up your ass. Don't you feel really dirty now? But you love it. You should be licking, and jerking and fingering. You're a dirty fucking toilet slave. Maybe I'll make you stick your face in the toilet and flush it.

Don't miss a spot loser, I want that toilet sparkling from your spit. Lick it like you'd lick my pussy. Ewww you make me sick to my stomach. You're so disgusting it just makes me want to degrade you so badly. No one will ever want a freak like you, that's why you're going to be a filthy toilet slave for the rest of your life. This is all you're good for.

And do you know what the most pathetic part of all is? That you're rock hard right now. You get off to this! That makes me sick. You are literally jerking off to this because you think it's hot. That's so fucked up! You're a disgusting toilet slave. What the fuck is wrong with you? You're jerking off while you're licking your toilet! I want you to cum all over your fucking toilet and then lick it all off!


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 08, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Wed, April 08, 2015 02:11PM

Worship Me As I Decide Your Fate Little Man

April 7th, 2015 - Category: femdom pov

Goddess Jolene

This was filmed in super HD on a Gopro with a wide angle lens providing an unparalleled Giantess experience!

How does it feel to be underneath and subjected a giant Goddess? You belong to me you tiny, little, pathetic man. And you'll do everything I ask of you, otherwise you'll have to pay the consequences. Which just might be being smushed like a bug. That would be so easy to do and I like smashing things that don't obey me. So you'd better obey, just so you can stay alive. I am your giant, tall Goddess, and you are my tiny, puny, little man. I have your life in my hands and under my feet.

So first I want you to worship my giant feet. I want you to rub and lick your Goddess's feet and just maybe I'll spare your life. You look so small down there. You look too tiny and pathetic for me, I don't know if I'm going to keep you around. Wouldn't it be nice to d.!.e. underneath my giant ass? Would you like me to sit on you?

Or maybe I could pick you up with my giant hand because you're so little and tiny and I could shmush you like a bug in between my giant fingers and squeeze the life out of you. It would be so easy. I could wash my hands and be rid of you. Or maybe I'll take my giant foot and step on your puny, pathetic tiny little body. You're a little tiny pest. So obey me or d.!.e. I just don't know which way I want to k.!.l.l you yet. So keep worshiping me as I decide your fate.

You're so weak and small that no matter what I decide, I wouldn't even feel it. So what will you do for me so I don't smash you? There's no way you can escape me. No one will even notice that you're gone.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 07, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, April 07, 2015 02:09PM

A Mindless Idiot’s Dilema, Eat It Or Ruin It

April 5th, 2015 - Category: Cum Humiliation

Sasha Mizaree

Let's get something clear, you are ugly, worthless, pathetic, and have no self control. You're just a jerkoff addict. So let's get down to what you're here for, take out that pathetic cock and start jerking. I know you just love making me a part of your disgusting jerkoff sessions. You love being told what to do, just like a little bitch. And if I'm going to waste my time on you, you're going to have to make it entertaining. You're going to behave like a bitch for me, you're going to do disgusting things for me. And you will do them to completion because I know how stupid you get when you're all horny. I make you edge and stop, edge and stop, and then you'll simply do anything I say.

You're so predictable. No self control, no dignity. Just a chronic masturbator, jerking his lonely cock. I toy with idiots like you. I love make you whimper and beg. I have this hold over you. You're weak and it takes no effort at all to take over your weak mind. I'm going to put thoughts in your brain and make you do degrading things while you're all horny and weak. I'm going to fuck with your mind and toy with your orgasm.

You will have two choices: Either you get to cum and not enjoy it, I'm going to ruin your orgasm or, you get to cum and enjoy it but you're going to eat it. You're gonna slurp up that disgusting cum shot. And you're going to do it, I'm sure of it. I'll make you crave it. I push your limits, I make you do things you never thought you would. Soon you'll be obsessing over it. I control your feeble mind.

So go on, stroke that cock fast and bring yourself to the edge. But don't blow it yet, I want you build up a huge load either to eat or ruin. Keep edging that cock. Get stupid, loser. I'll even let you worship my perfect body while you jerk. Now, do you want to ruin it or eat it? I know it's hard for you to think right now.

If you choose to ruin it, you can cum, but when you cum, I want you to keep jerking afterwards. Even though your dick will be so sensitive, you're not allowed to stop. Or, you can get on your back and throw your legs up over your head, and cum all over your face and in your mouth. I'm going to count you down loser, what will you decide?


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 05, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sun, April 05, 2015 11:50AM

Mocking Your Little Dick To A BIG Orgasm

April 4th, 2015 - Category: Small Penis Humiliation

Goddess Dylan

I really love a guy with a small dick, like a really, really tiny dick. Do you wanna know why? Because I really love to laugh at you and how small and pathetic your dick is. And look at how excited you're getting, you're turned on when I call your little dick names. It's so sad, you jerking off your little micro dick to my insults and laughter. Little tiny pencil dick. See, you just got even more turned on. LOL! It's so fucking tiny!

I'll bet you have the smallest dick I've ever seen in my life. My pinky toe is bigger! LOL! And you wonder why you're all alone and no girl will ever go near you. It's because we can sense it, even when we can't see it. You just give off tiny dick loser vibes. You're so pathetic. You love it when I call you these names and I love making fun of you. And you're stuck with that tiny little dick for the rest of your life. You're a fucking joke.

You don't even really have a cock, you have a clit. Cocks are big and long and satisfy women. You just have a little nub that you rub. LOL! And look at you, you're jerking faster now. You love this. I tell you that you'll never satisfy a woman and you think that's hot!?

Are you having fun jerking your little penis? Well I'm going to make this even more fun for you. I'm going to call you every name I can think of for a tiny dick, and with each name, I want you to jerk it faster! LOL Doesn't that sound like fun? Pencil dick, needle dick, baby dick, thumbtack dick, little clitty.... oh I have sooooo many names to call it.

Now let me show you how stupid you look jerking off as I call you names and mock you simultaneously. Oh I know this is going to bring your little dick to a huge orgasm! LOL!


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 04, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, April 04, 2015 01:09PM

Sugar Brat

April 3rd, 2015 - Category: femdom pov

Princess Mabel is your sugar baby, until...

" Hey babe, thanks for being so good to me and spoiling me all the time. I know I agreed to be your sugar baby but about the whole sex part.. well I kinda changed my mind. I just can't. You see, even though you pay me, you bore me, you're ugly, and you just act like a loser. I just can't get past that, no matter how wealthy you are. And honestly, I've checked out your bulge and it's really little. So even for all the money in the world, I'm just not going to fuck you.

But I'm still going to take all the money and gifts you've given me. Awwww you seem disappointed. Am I not like the other dumb girls you've done this with before? Well I'm not some stupid girl who you can just pay to fuck you. And if you don't want to see me anymore, well that's ok, but you kinda told me a lot of information about yourself. You see I know where you live, I know where you work, and I know about your wife.

So I could just walk out now and head straight to your house Or.. I can stay around and you can continue to spoil me and give me everything I want. You can take me shopping and take me to nice dinners..but I just won't fuck you. Instead, I'm going to make you my good little puppy. You're going to be my servant instead of the other way around. Instead of me giving you everything you demand, you're going to give it all to me.

You might be a powerful, wealthy, successful man, but to me, you are nothing. Nothing but a loser with a big fat wallet. I have complete control over you. Unless you want me to show your wife pictures of us together, or receipts of everything you've purchased for me, then you're gonna be my slave.

So if you want to keep me quiet, you're going to keep paying. I want an allowance or I'm going to show your wife your sugar daddy profile, lol. I'm going to get all the perks of being your sugar baby except I'm the one in control. You thought you could be in control of some stupid, young girl, but no, I'm way too smart for you. I'm going to take everything you have and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Instead of fucking you, I'm going to fuck your wallet.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 03, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, April 03, 2015 10:44AM

Watch Your Wife Get Gangbanged

April 2nd, 2015 - Category: Cuckold

Princess Amai Liu

I want you to watch some gang bang porn, some rough, aggressive, dirty, nasty gang bang porn. Now strip. Then get down on your knees and start watching and jerking your little, insignificant cock. Now do you see the woman in that video? The whore who's taking it in all her holes. That's your wife. Lol. Imagine that's your wife down on all fours taking all of those cocks and you can't do anything but watch.

You have to watch and jerk because that's the only way a cuck like you can get off. And you know you've fantasized about this before. You know you don't please her sexually. Your dick is too small. She needs big cocks in her mouth, her ass and her pussy. And all you can do is jerkoff on your knees as other men satisfy her in ways you never could. And even though she's being degraded by all those fucking men, she loves every second of it. And you love it too.

The harder they fuck her, the harder I want you to jerk. Don't look away, I want you to take in every moment of this. Look at her facial expressions, see how much she needs this. You could never do this for her and that's why she has to go and do this. Your wife is a big cock cum slut. Lol.

You love this you sick fuck. You're even more pathetic than her. She might be a whore, but at least she can satisfy someone. And you get off to this. You're going to cum watching her get gangbanged like the whore that she is. And even though she's just some slut to these guys, she's above you. You married her. Lol.

Keep stroking that inferior cock. Faster you stupid tiny dick cuck. Your cock is throbbing and twitching as your wife gets fucked. You're so pathetic, jerking off to your wife getting fucked by other, more superior men. Look how low you are.


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HumiliationPOV - Apr 01, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Wed, April 01, 2015 01:50PM

You Need A Big Load To Satisfy Your Appetite

March 31st, 2015 - Category: Brat Girls

Princess Lucy And Nikki Next

Hey little cum guzzler, are you ready to eat your own load? Yeah? We know you are. But we both think it's so disgusting! Eww you're so gross! And today you're just going to eat it. Why? Because we're telling you to. Oh and because you love it! Fucking freak. We only wish we could be there to actually see you do it. Even though it'd be so gross, we'd love to watch you make a fool of yourself. There's nothing funnier than a loser gobbling up his own load.

So start jerking that dick loser, build up a huge fucking load. This isn't new for you, you know exactly what you're doing. LOL, good boy. Faster loser. Lick your lips thinking about how good it's going to taste. Isn't it so exciting to jerk it to two hot young brats, knowing you're going to eat it for us?

And we want one of your hands jerking while the other hand is cupped in front of your cock, just waiting to catch all that cum. And you better make sure you get it all in your hand because if you miss, you're going to be licking it up off the floor! LOL! You fucking idiot! We want you to savor every last drop. You need a big load to satisfy your appetite, so edge that cock for us while we mock the fuck out of you for being such a cum eating fucktard!

You get so excited thinking about eating it, don't you? You don't care how we make you, just as long as we make you. You just want to guzzle down every last drop. Eating it is even better than cumming for you, isn't it? That's so fucking pathetic. You're a fucking cum dumpster. You're so gross loser. Just the thought has you so excited, so ready to cum.

Ready to blow that load and eat it, loser? We can't wait to laugh in your face! This is what happens to pathetic losers, they have to swallow their own cum. Blow that loser load and catch it in your hand and lick it all up. Lick up every last drop, don't waste any of it. Then lick your fingers clean and lick up any drops that are on the floor. Ewww you're so disgusting! LOL! I'll bet the grosser it tastes, the more you like it.

Now thank us!


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HumiliationPOV - Mar 31, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, March 31, 2015 04:25PM

It’s Not Gay Because I’m Forcing You

March 30th, 2015 - Category: bi humiliation

Chastity Lynn

I know you love staring at a hot girl like me. But you know what turns you on even more? Cock. That’s what you want. You wish you could just admit to yourself and the world that you love sucking cock. But you’re way too embarrassed, so you pretend to be a man, you act like you want pussy. Or some of you like it forced. If a hot girl tells you to suck cock, then somehow it becomes ok. Because you didn’t really want to do it. Yea right.

You jerkoff night after night to gay porn, wishing you had the balls to be gay. But for now, you’re satisfied with hot girl like me, telling you to choke on that dick. And that’s what I want you to do. I want you to give in to your dirty fantasies. I want you to go suck some big anonymous cock and suck it right down your nasty little throat. And that’s not gay because it’s what I’m telling you to do. It’s what ‘I’ want. It turns me on that I can get you to anything. But the truth is, that you want it.

We both know you’re not a real man. You’re a fairy, a fag. Straight guys don’t jerkoff to gay porn. Straight guys can’t be coaxed by a hot girl to suck cock. But I think it’s hot that you want to take cock up your ass for me. I can’t wait to watch you suck cock for me and degrade yourself for me. Just let go and give in to your desires.

Remember, it’s not gay if a hot girl is telling you to do it, and who better than Chastity Lynn to turn you into the cocksucker that you really are. I’ll bet your cock is rock hard right now just thinking about it. Imagine what will be like when you’re doing it for real for me. And even though the thought might disgust you a bit, that humiliation will just make you hornier. You’ll see that nothing compares to being on your knees with a big cock in your mouth. I’ll teach you to cum, just by sucking dick.

I want you to go suck a dick and admit to yourself what you really are. Cock turns me on and I know it turns you on as well. You’re going to give in to it soon. You’re so close..


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HumiliationPOV - Mar 30, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, March 30, 2015 02:17PM

Computer Programmed Masturbation Idiot

March 29th, 2015 - Category: Financial Domination

Princess Kelly Sunshine

I created this new mind control internet app. It’s very powerful. Just by clicking on this video today, you’ve virtually accepted all terms of the app and it has already begun downloading into your brain. You’re fucked! LOL! I’m hard wired directly into your brain now, downloading the software into your mind, and there’s nothing you can do about it now. You’re being reprogrammed, right now, by my voice.

It’s already beginning to take effect. You can feel it. You’re becoming mine. Look down, see your cock is fucking rock hard because I’m programming it to be. I am in control of your mind and your cock now. And now your hand is moving to your cock uncontrollably. You begin to jerk on my command. I’m controlling your hand now. I have complete control of you.

This was so easy, once I programmed your cock I instantly had control of the rest of you, because weak men like you are so easily controlled by their cocks. The hornier you get, the weaker you become. And when you’re weak, you become mindless, so open to my suggestions. You’ll do anything when you turn into a hopeless masturbating idiot. You’re becoming another one of my mindfucked losers.

Stroke, stroke, stroke. It feels so good. You can’t stop, can you? My program forces you to masturbate against your will and the feeling is more intense than anything you could experience on your own. It’s quite addictive. I’ve programmed you to stay on the edge until your mind turns to mush.

If you want to cum, just beg me. You’re going to be pleading with me. But be warned, this orgasm that you will experience when you’re all fucked up and mindfucked, will be the most intense thing you’ve ever experienced. Cum for me you little mind controlled idiot and when once you do, know that this program can never be deleted. You’re so fucked.


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HumiliationPOV - Mar 28, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, March 28, 2015 10:46AM

I Take Your Cash And I Fucking Blow It

March 27th, 2015 - Category: Financial Domination

Princess Kaylynn

Choke on my smoke, you stupid fucking slave. That’s all you are worth. Breathe deep my good little ashtray. Open wide each time I flick my ashes in your mouth. You wish you could have me, something so perfect. You wish you could serve your god in some other way. But you can’t. So I’ll use you for what you’re good for. And with that tiny cock of yours, we both know that you are of little value to a goddess like me. So choke on my smoke.

You’re just a fucking worthless slave. The only reason I even pay attention to you is that you come to me with your money and I take your cash and I fucking blow it! I go fucking shopping and I enjoy my fucking life. I get everything, I’m fucking spoiled. And why? Because I fucking take it from freak losers like you. All I have to do is tease you a bit, and you just hand over your money. I get everything loser. And that turns you on so much.

My perfect lips speaking in your year. I’m irresistible. And you, you’re disgusting. So you hang on my every word. And as you listen you feel compelled to pay. You owe me and you know it. You wish so badly to be a part of my life that you’ll pay for the privilege. Isn’t that right, pay pig? You will give until it hurts. You don’t fucking deserve anything, do you?

My hot little body deserves everything, you can’t fucking resist me. I’m too perfect. And you are a pathetic slave and you will listen to whatever I say. So keep paying piggy, I know it makes your cock twitch. You’re addicted to paying me loser. And you will pay whether I pay attention to you or not, because you are my slave. You were put here to give me whatever the fuck I want because I deserve it. So fuck yourself over financially for me. It will feel better than anything you have ever done.


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HumiliationPOV - Mar 27, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, March 27, 2015 02:12PM

Femdom Addict Mindfuck, Deep Inside Your Loser Brain

March 26th, 2015 - Category: femdom pov

London Lix

Hey loser. Do you even know who you are anymore? I’ll bet your whole life has been consumed by your femdom addiction. You’re a humiliation junkie now and you don’t even know who you are. Your whole life is shaped by your addiction. And even now as I tell you, you’re sitting there beating that loser dick. You can’t stop. You love edging yourself to humiliation porn. You spend hours jerking and then afterwards you just hate yourself, don’t you?

You buy these clips over and over, you don’t even know what you’re doing, you’re just a mindless drone. You need this. Sometimes you become disgusted with yourself by how much you’ve spent or what you’ve done, but in the moment none of that matters to you. And your addiction to these fetishes just grows. You experience new forms of humiliation you never imagined yourself doing. All in search of that high, that subspace you so desperately crave. You’re an addict. This is the only way you can get off.

You started off normal, jerking to vanilla porn, but once you stumbled upon humiliation porn you found you could never go back. Now you need it. And you jerkoff so much that you’ve desensitized yourself, haven’t you? Your fetishes are becoming more extreme, it’s taking more and more to get you off. You’re a shell of the man you used to be. We’ve broken you, turned you into the mindless jerkoff loser that we wanted you to become. We know exactly what we’re doing, loser.

We know that you’re an addict now and that you have to constantly come back for your fix. We know it takes you more and more to get off each time. You’re hooked, you’re trapped and we know it. You have an uncontrollable femdom addiction. You’ve become a sick, perverted, depraved freak. And it’s only getting worse, you’re going to go deeper. You’re helpless, aren’t you?

You can try and break the addiction, but you’ll fail where all the others before you have. You all come back. All of you. Every single one. Because this is what you need. You’ve wrecked yourself by conditioning your brain to love this. And you’re compulsively wanking to this right now, aren’t you? Of course you are. We’ve ruined you, ruined your mind, ruined your lives. We’ve molded you like putty in our hands. We’ve fucked you over so hard, and we don’t even care. You’re a mindfucked loser.


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HumiliationPOV - Mar 26, 2015

HumiliationPOVPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, March 26, 2015 02:06PM

Insulting You To Orgasm, Fucktard!

March 25th, 2015 - Category: femdom pov

Goddess Amyleen Moore Hi there jerkoff loser, so fucking horny for a stroke, for my teasing and my humiliation. You're so easy to read. I know you didn't get laid tonight, no one wants you, isn't that so fucking sad? But you must be used to it by now, all you do is fucking stroke. I'll bet you don't even remember what pussy feels like, all you know is how lube feels in your hand. The only thing you know how to fuck is your hand. It's the only thing you ever will fuck. You're nothing but a stroking loser.

And I know you don't even watch regular porn to jerkoff. Fucking doesn't even turn you on. A loser like you doesn't deserve sex, you deserve to stroke and be laughed at. I know you stroke every time I insult you, you just can't resist. When women insult you, that's what really gets your dick hard. It's because you know that it's the truth, that you're a fucking loser. And you love hearing that. Only a real loser would get turned on by these things. Any normal man who's having good sex would never jerkoff to this. But you can't stop.

You can't make a woman cum so you've given up. Now you only satisfy yourself. You're so pathetic and alone. And you're jerking so fast right now, aren't you? You need more and more insults each time to make you cum. You need real, deep, true humiliation. You like to be treated like trash because you know that's what you really are. Keep stroking loser and know that your hand is the only thing that will ever satisfy you ever again.

And you need to pay to stroke and be insulted. You're useless, a fucking waste of life. Jerk faster loser as I continue to insult you. I know you love it. You're so pathetic that I don't even need to take my clothes off to make you cum. You just want a hot girl to insult you, you crave it. You don't deserve sex, you deserve to be insulted and fucked with. This is your place in society. You are one sick fuck. A filthy pervert. A fucktard. Oh yea, you're jerking so fast right now. LOL! And now you're going to blow your loser load and start jerking all over again. This is your life!


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