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Sado-Ladies - Apr 15, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Wed, April 15, 2015 10:24PM

Personal Slave.

April 15, 2015.

Published in Boots & High Heels - Tagged under: Bootlicker | High Heels | Lady Faye | Mistress Cloe | Double Domination | Uniform | Humiliation | Legs |

This is something like a “behind the scene” clip because it’s not scripted action. It shows how lifestyle Mistresses use their private and personal slave. It’s not unusual that a Mistress brings her personal slave to the set. In this case it’s the private slave of Faye an Cloe.

He was ordered by Cloe to bring fresh coffee and just in a shooting break, it’s knocking on the door and the slave arrives with the drinks. Very welcome because after the shooting in high heels, there is a lot to do for him. Lady Faye’s spiked heels need to be cleaned, of course with his tongue, and Mistress Cloe’s feet need a massage.

While both ladies relax, the slave does it’s best to make them happy. That’s the advantage of having a real slave. Apart from the fun watching and humiliating him while he works so hard under their feet and heels…


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Sado-Ladies - Apr 11, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, April 11, 2015 10:18AM

Ashtray For Her Pleasure

April 10, 2015

Published in Human Ashtrays Tagged under: Smoking | Nipple Play | Gloves | CBT | CFNM | Mistress Jessica |

There is not a lot to say about this clip. It's a clip about a woman who has so much pleasure in hurting males and make them suffer.

Miss Jessica lights up a cigarette and when you finished watching this clip you will know why there is nothing else that slaves fear more. The female sadist doesn't only enjoy smoking, she rather enjoys what she can do with the glowing tip of the cigarette. Especially to naked cocks.

What a nice contrast to see the leather gloved hands of the Mistress vs. this naked cock. The slave is bound to a rack with his legs spread wide. His dick is presented to the cruel Jessica, who wears a stunning riding outfit. And she will do bad things now...


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Sado-Ladies - Apr 10, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, April 10, 2015 02:41PM

I Have To Hurt You

April 8, 2015

Published in Female Domination - Tagged under: Blackdiamoond | Corset | Leggins | Humiliation | Face Slapping |

This slave has been impolite. At least from Mistress Blackdiamoonds point of view. Maybe she wants just a reason to punish him but who cares. She makes the rules.

Now, the slaves head is covered with a black rubber mask. There are only holes that allow him to breath but he is unable to see. Blackdiamoond, of course, looks stunning in her black leggins, high heels and a black leather corset. She gently touches his face and tells him that she has to punish him now for the disobedience. But her mean smile says that she is going to enjoy that.

What follows is a hard and unfair face slapping. Imagine who it feels if you don't know when and where from the next slap will come. All you can realize is the sweet parfume and the arrogant voice of the Mistress. And then, another hard slap against your face. Again and again... and after all, the slave has to crawl into a cage, still with the mask on his head.


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Sado-Ladies - Apr 07, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, April 07, 2015 03:03PM

Who Touched My Shoes

April 6, 2015

Published in Female Domination Tagged under: Boots | Bootlicker | High Heels | Leather | Interrogation | Mistress Ezada |

Very angry Mistress Ezada enters the room where two slaves are bound to a rack. She has a pair of her highest stiletto heels in her hand that she found in the slave's bathroom.

One slave has stolen them and abused the heels for masturbating. Of course, both slaves deny doing that but Ezada has a suspicion. She thinks it was the first one because the other one has a chastity device.

And it is very easy to find out if she is right. Ezada is dressed in skin tight leather and a stunning pair of overknee boots. She orders the first slave down on his knees and makes him worshipping her boots. He has to kiss the leather and to lick the heels. It only takes a minute until his dick is fully erected.

Ezada rubs her leather boots on his dick and it is very clear now that he has a strong fetish for high heels. He can't deny it and so Ezada pulls the chain on his collar and leads him out of the room for further punishment.


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Sado-Ladies - Apr 04, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, April 04, 2015 01:27PM

10 Minutes Of Pain

April 3, 2015

Published in Female Domination Tagged under: Boots | Lady Faye | Leather | Nipple Play | Fingernails | CBT | Classic Femdom |

This clip is for all the lovers of classic female domination with Lady Pascal in the mood for making a slave suffer. Let's start with her outfit that speaks books. Her polished, thigh high boots and her shiny body will make you breathless and the black color matches her hair and her dark soul.

Her victim is attched to a rack, his dick, his balls and his nipples are presented to the cruel lady and especially to her sharp, red polished finger nails and her metal spiked heels. After wrapping a cord around his ball and fixing them to the rack, Lady Pascal starts to attach painful devices to his nipples. The nasty clamps, that pulls his nipples the more Pascal turns the worm looks harmless if you know what follows.

Pascal is in the mood for her ultra cruel tripod clamps. These clamps bites into the nipples, they pull on the nipples and the three spikes sting into the skin. So much fund for the mean Mistress to use them. But that's not enough.

Even the slave is already in so much pain she starts kicking his bound and sensitive ball. And apart from that, she uses her sharp finger nails again and again... more than 10 minutes of pure pain for the slave.


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Sado-Ladies - Apr 02, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, April 02, 2015 12:50PM

A Summer Caning

April 1, 2015

Published in Whipping & Caning Tagged under: Caning | Empress Victoria | High Heels | Legs | Blond Hair | Erotic |

Do you remember the last summer? This slave does, because he gots one of hardest caning he ever received. But at the same time one of the most erotic.

It was a hot summer afternoon as Empress Victoria went outside, dressed only in a light and transparent dress that shows off her perfect end endless legs and a lot of her skin. She wears long and shiny gloves and the cane in her hand says that she comes to make a slave suffer.

The mean smile in her face speaks books. Her old slave is bound to a wooden rack and after a short verbal humiliation she starts to make him dance under her cane. Life can be so wonderful if a slave takes everything just to be with her.

So she takes a second cane and now she gives him a double caning. Not only on the ass, she also hits his back and his legs and the more he struggles in pain the more aroused the Empress gets...


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 30, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, March 30, 2015 02:47PM

Ashtray For The Countess

March 27, 2015

Published in Human Ashtrays Tagged under: High Heels | Smoking | Latex | Countess Swetlana | Arrogance | Legs | Blond Hair |

During a shooting break, Countess Stella checks the latest messages on her smartphone. She also wants to enjoy a cigarette and of course, as a lifestyle Mistress she expects a human ashtray. That's why our shooting slave has to serve her.

Stella looks stunning in her skin tight black latex dress, her jewelry and her expensive stiletto sandals. And it looks like "Arrogance" is her second name. She doesn't really care about the slave. He simply exists to serve her. From time to time she spits into his mouth just to show him his low position.

Everytime she looks down at the slave he has to open his mouth and the mean lady drops the hot ash into his mouth. And then she returns to her smartphone.


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 27, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, March 27, 2015 02:46PM

Beating My Husband

March 25, 2015

Published in Whipping & Caning Tagged under: Caning | High Heels | Latex | Ella Kros | Tease & Denial | Hot Dress | Husband Slave | Erotic |

"Come on, darling, don't be afraid!", the mean wife says with a soft voice as she leads her husband into the dungeon in the basement of the house. His dick is fully erected already. This is no surprise if you see how Ella Kros is dressed in this clip.

Her half transparent and skin tight latex dress shows more than it hides. And the cruel woman knows how to tease her husband. She gently strokes his dick, she walks around the wooden post he is chained to and she looks at him with very horny eyes. She smiles at him. But a few seconds later she will beat him with a leather belt. It's so exciting to feel the power over him.

Everytime she stops the beating she stimulates him again. She walks around him so he can see her body. A few seconds are enough and he would endure everything for her. And this power arouses her more and more. The beating with the belt gets harder and harder and she does not stop until he can't take more...


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 26, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, March 26, 2015 02:33PM

Living Shoe Cleaner

March 22, 2015

Published in Boots & High Heels Tagged under: Bootlicker | High Heels | Leggins | Humiliation | Young Femdom | Blond Hair | Feet | Miss Tess | Sandals |

There is a femdom club where one slave has to spend his life bound to a wooden rack as a living shoe cleaner. Everytime a lady wants she can make use of him and make him cleaning their shoes.

Especially young Mistresses like Miss Tess have a lot of fun with this slave and they make ruthless use oh him. Tess come in on her expensive and high heeled and without any care she pulls on the rope that leads to his arms. His arms are painfully raised up on his back and he has to bow down immediately. Perfect position to do his job.

Tess tells him that she want her sandals clean. Especially every inch of these stiletto heels. He has to suck like crazy to satisfy her. And everytime he seems to be exhausted the cruel young lady simply pulls harder on the rope.

Finally he also has to lick all the dirt from the soles before Tess leaves him in this painful position for the next lady...


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 21, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, March 21, 2015 12:25PM

Rich Girls Club

March 20, 2015

Published in Female Domination Tagged under: Boots | Lady Faye | Whipping | Gloves | Leggins | Double Domination | Lady Chanel |

They are young, they are arrogant and they have rich parents. Cruel brat girls! And they have their own club where they can abuse male slaves whenever and however they want.

While other people have to work, these spoiled girls dress elegant and dominant, drink champagne and smoke cigarettes. They wear high heels, skin tight leggins and lingerie, they are too young for. And they are used to snap with the fingers and a slave appears on the scene.

Faye and Chanel are in the house today and they are here to have fun. Chanel calls one of the slaves. An older man comes closer and serves them champagne. The young Mistresses have their painful dressage whips already in their hands and they will make use of them.

The old man has to go down on all fours and the cruel beating begins...


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 20, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, March 20, 2015 02:38PM

Double Domination

March 18, 2015

Published in Female Domination Tagged under: Corset | High Heels | Smoking | Leather | Leggins | Double Domination | Mistress Jenna | Human Ashtray | Lady Blackstone | Big Tits | Spitting |

A slave's dream comes true in this clip: To be dominated by two busty Mistresses in skin tight leggings and black leather corsets. Used as a human ashtray by one of the ladies while the other one spits into his mouth.

Mistress Jenna and Lady Blackstone do relax this evening. Bot ladies are dressed in skin tight leggins, high heels and black leather corsets, that show off her big boobs. So stunning! The have a glass of champagne and Lady Blackstone lights up a cigarette.

The talk about the slave on the floor who is ready to serve them and do everything that they can relax. Jenna says that she wants to see his mouth always open and Lady Blackstones makes clear that he is not allowed to look them into the faces.

After a while, Mistress Jenna bents over and starts spitting into his mouth. As a good slave, the boy thanks her. That makes Lady Blackstone laughing out loud. She says that she likes the way he says Thank you. Then she drops the hot ash of her cigarette into his mouth. Both ladies have a lot of fun humiliating him this way. That's what they call a relaxed evening.


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 14, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, March 14, 2015 11:23AM


March 13, 2015

Published in Female Domination Tagged under: Leather | Mistress Ezada | Fingernails | White Blouse |

It doesn't have to be a whip all the time. A lady like Mistress Ezada has many ways to make a man suffer. Apart from from psychological ways, there are especially long and and sharp nails.

As Ezada enters the dungeon and as she sees the old slave bound to the cross at the wall, her cruel mind is immediately aroused. She walks closer, excited by her power. This white back has to be marked by her. And she wants deep marks that stay for w while. She gently touches his back but her red painted nails are already visible like the tools of a devil.

And after a while she digs them into his back and like crazy she scratches his back from upside down, from left to right and back. There will be a pattern of red lines on his back after she has finished her cruel work.


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 12, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, March 12, 2015 03:03PM

Whipping The Fat Slave

March 11, 2015 Published in Whipping & Caning Tagged under: High Heels | Whipping | Bullwhip | Mistress Akella | Latex | Uniform | Blond Hair |

Mistress Akella stands in front of a slave, who is fixed in a wooden rack, and she looks stunning in her skin tight latex dress. Her endless and naked legs end up in a pair of bitchy but dominant red high heels. She looks at the slave and tells him that he is simply too fat.

That is the reason why he is going to be whipped now with a very painful single tail whip. He tries to discuss but there is no way out. If Akella wants to whip a slave, she will do that. She walks around him, throws her blond hair into the neck and then she starts the whipping.

After a few lashes the slave starts to jump in pain. He tries to hide his back but his arms and his head are fixed in the rack. He gets angry now and bawls very loud. But Akella just laughs at him and continues with the extreme whipping.


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 11, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Wed, March 11, 2015 02:46PM

The Lazy Slave 6

March 8, 2015

Published in Female Domination Tagged under: Caning | White Blouse | Young Femdom | Miss Leni |

What a stupid boy! This lazy slave was ordered to clean the cellar but instead doing his job he sleeps on the couch. And he sleeps so deep that he even doesn't hear the heavy noise on the iron stair, made by the stiletto heels of Miss Leni's designer boots.

"I can't believe, how dare you?", the young Mistress hisses and sticks her rubber cane into his belly. He is confused and tries to excuse but Leni is delirious. "On the bench!", she orders and points out to the wooden rack. He obeys and the cruel beauty locks his arms and legs.

What follows is a hard beating with this devilish, thick rubber cane. It bites deep into his ass, it is heavy pain deep under the skin. And his ass is already damaged from earlier punishments. After a while Miss Leni's anger changes into sadistic fun. It seems that his pain is the best way to change her mood...


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 08, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sun, March 08, 2015 11:20AM

Goddess' Ashtray

March 6, 2015

Published in Human Ashtrays - Tagged under: Smoking | Leather | Gloves | White Blouse | Mistress Athena | Blond Hair |

"Come!" Only one word and a short flip with her leather gloved fingers. That's all Mistress Athena has to do and immediately her big and strong slave arrives and kneels down in front of her crown without any further order.

Athena takes his collar and puts the chain around the armrest of the crown. His hands are chained on his backside. Slowly, Athena lights up a cigarette and inhales the smoke with big passion. She looks down at the slave and with an arrogant voice she says that she wants his mouth wide open now. It doesn't take a long time and she drops the first ash into his mouth.

Needless to say that Athena looks so stunning in her skin tight leather pants and the very tight blouse shows off her perfect body. From time to time she stands up and spits into the slave's mouth. Maybe to prepare him for the end of her cigarette...


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Sado-Ladies - Mar 05, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, March 05, 2015 02:33PM

Under Boots

March 4, 2015

Published in Boots & High Heels - Tagged under: Boots | Leggins | Lady Chanel | Trampling

This slave is where he belongs to. In the dirt on the floor and under the boots of a young Mistress. Lady Chanel comes closer and as she reaches this worm, she jumps on him without a warning. She then tramples on his body, on his face and she also stands with her full weight on his head.

The slave moans a lot but Chanel is only bored by his moaning. She orders him to lick the soles of her boots clean before she continues with the trampling. And just at the moment he can't take more, she leaves his breast. But not to stop. She changes from her flat boots into stiletto heeled shoes and now the fun really begins.

Later, there is also a second slave because there were so many males who applied for a session with this young goddess. And Chanel makes them all her slaves!


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Sado-Ladies - Feb 27, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, February 27, 2015 02:42PM

Leather Boots Servant

February 27, 2015

Published in Boots & High Heels Tagged under: Bootlicker | Countess Swetlana | Lingerie | Arrogance | Blond Hair | Erotic |

Another clip about Countess Stella and the bizarre life in her mansion. After a nice lunch, the spoiled lady wants to sleep a little bit. She enters her private room in amazing lingerie and as often she wears leather boots although she did not leave the house. Just to show her dominance.

In the corner of the room there is a slave kneeling, waiting for the Mistress. It is the private boot servant of Stella. She stops in front of him at her bed and immediately the slave starts to clean her boots with his tongue. He knows he has to be careful but on the other hand, the mean lady wants to feel his tongue through the soft leather. A difficult job and everytime the cruel dressage whip could cut his back.

Stella lays down and watches the worm who continues to lick her boots. After a while she orders him to put off the boots now what he does very carefully and then the arrogant lady lays down for a sleep. The slave will wait until she wakes up and choses another pair of boots for the afternoon...


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Sado-Ladies - Feb 25, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Wed, February 25, 2015 02:53PM

The Russian Cane

February 25, 2015

Published in Whipping & Caning Tagged under: Caning | Boots | Latex | Ella Kros | Bitchy | Erotic |

"I am going to teach you some Russian!", Ella Kros says the slave who is bound to the cross at the wall. But her skin tight and half-transparent latex catsuit and the way she walks in her ultra dominant, knee high boots make clear that she is here for satisfying her her cruel desires.

She presents the cane in her hands and says that she will make use of it every time the slave makes a mistake. And then she starts to tell him some words from the femdom lifestyle, like Mistress, slave anc cane, and how they are called in Russian. It is too difficult for the slave to remember all the words, especially if such a hot latex lady stand right beside him and so he makes mistake after mistake.

Every time he is being punished with hard strokes of the cane and the rising pain makes things even more hard. This Russian lesson is going to become a nightmare for the slave...


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Sado-Ladies - Feb 23, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, February 23, 2015 02:39PM

Real Life Slave

February 22, 2015

Published in Boots & High Heels - Tagged under: Boots | Worship | High Heels | Leather | Gloves | Working Slave | Mademoiselle de S. | Classic Femdom |

This clip shows real life slavery because the slave you see in this clip is the real slave of Mademoiselle de S.! Mademoiselle lays on the bed, dressed in a skin tight blue leather suit and expensive designer boots, made from black leather.

She know how much her slave would like to kiss and lick the soft leather of her boots but Mademoiselle is a sadist. And sadism does not mean delivering pain every time. This slave has to hold a brush in his mouth for polishing her boots. That means he is not able to kiss the boots and on the other hand polishing her boots will be really hard work.

And she makes it much more difficult and hard for him because she lifts up his arms on his backside. While Mademoiselle de S. lays on her bed and read a nice book, her slave has to shake his head permanently just to keep the brush polishing the expensive leather. Try this for a minute or two minutes... and this clip is much longer!


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Sado-Ladies - Feb 22, 2015

Sado-LadiesPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sun, February 22, 2015 10:23AM

Lady Blackstone

February 20, 2015

Published in Human Ashtrays - Tagged under: Corset | Smoking | Leggins | Humiliation | Arrogance | Big Tits |

This is the first single clip with our new Mistress Lady Blackstone and you will see that her name is the program: Black like her dark soul and sadistic desires and stone like stone cold and merciless.

It is the way she snaps her fingers and the arrogant voice when she hisses at her slave: "Here!" She points on the floor before the big leather couch she lays on and the strong slave kneels down. Lady Blackstone wears black, of course. Black high heels, black leggins and a black leather corset that pushes up her large boobs. She lights up a cigarette but somehow that doesn't change her mood.

And guess who is responsible for her bad mood. Of course, the poor boy at her feet. She pulls on the chain that is attached to his collar and orders him to open his mouth. The mean lady drops the ash on his tongue and a few second later she hisses: "Don't look at me!" It seems that this will become a hard afternoon for the slave...


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