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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 17, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, April 17, 2015 09:27PM

Gym Sneaker Suckers.

I like to remind slaves of how pathetic they are. And CONDITION them to WORSHIP me even more than they already do. Like basically DRILL it into their little brains so they can NEVER stop serving me. So I take these two losers and make them lick the dirt off the bottom of my gym shoes.

Then I make them take my shoes off and LICK the SWEAT off my feet! (This was right after a LONG workout in real life!) My feet SMELL and are REALLY sweaty! But these two losers are literally BEGGING for the “Goddess Sweat” in between my toes. Haha. It’s like a treat for them I guess. So after they beg enough I let them have it. Then I enjoy the feeling of 2 tongues on my feet after my workout…one for each foot.

When I am done with them, I shove their faces down into my smelly old workout shoes and just LEAVE them their - inhaling deeply MY scent - while I go out on a date with my boyfriend for a few hours. (Or possibly even overnight haha.) I figure the fumes from my feet will penetrate their puny brains over time and turn them into mindless foot-zombies for me lol. -Goddess Rodea

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 16, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, April 16, 2015 11:19PM

Fat Heads Make Good Seats.

This is the 2nd slave that came to Our recent slave interviews. It was a pretty pathetic one. This one couldn’t take ANY pain whatsoever, but since it didn’t need a mask, we allowed it.

And since it had like the biggest head I had ever seen, I decided to use it as my seat cushion. And it was actually pretty good for that! Except that it kept ANNOYING me by needing air! Ugh.

So eventually I decide that since it is so fucking fat and ugly I should just keep sitting down hard on its face in my tight shiny pants and no matter how much it struggles for air…I should just keep sitting there. And hopefully I can just slowly put it out of its misery. LOL. -Princess Bella.

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 14, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, April 14, 2015 07:41PM

Nut Destruction

Princess Cindi Invited me on my first SPIKED-shoe ballbusting video. It was for a slave that sent us an email and said he wanted us to literally "destroy his nuts" LOL! What he didn't know was that it was Princess Cindi that was answering the emails that day!

So she booked this slave to come over for a ball busting and also invited me to try out a full assortment of spiked shoes on his balls- shoes that are guaranteed to cause some "nut destruction"! And to make sure he didn't change his mind, we hung him from a bar in the ceiling out back, handcuffed him to keep his hands out of the way, and put a LEGSPREADER on him so his legs were WIIIDE open, leaving his nuts nice and VULNERABLE to our most vicious kicks! haha.

(We even got a RUNNING START on some of our kicks- WITH our SPIKED shoes on! OMG the slave was SOOO scared! Haha.)

One of us would hold his rope and give it a good TUG, so he would stand up nice n tall with his legs spread while the other one could get a nice shot in on his nuts!

Wanna see how this "big talker" got treated??? Let's just say there was some damage done and the clip had to be stopped short! LOL. ;) SO much fun! And with these shoes, you don't even have to kick super hard or hurt your foot to do some serious damage- the spikes do all the work! LOL.

I want another ballbusting slave to play with!

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 13, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, April 13, 2015 07:16PM

Flattened Furniture

I am having so much fun ignoring this dumb slave. He is nothing but human furniture to me. I don't care if he dyes... slaves don't need air. My shiny leggings actually make a good air tight seal over this slaves mouth. I hope he doesn't make too much noise under there because I am busy watching TV. - Goddess Nikkole

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 10, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, April 10, 2015 02:15PM

Caning For Newbies

This poor slave. We told him he HAD to take a LITTLE pain for Us- but We would let him stop it whenever he wanted. After all, this WAS a "tryout". So We need to try him out! And he needed to show Us what he could take.

To be honest, we took it pretty easy on him- but he was close to breaking the whole time anyway LOL. He is obviously not a pain slave. But he took as much as he could- like a good little bitch-b0y. He was sooo much fun for Us to play with!

And he did get marked up quite a bit lol. Oh well...guess We can't help being a LITTLE mean... :)

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 09, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, April 09, 2015 02:37PM

From Pain To Pleasure

This poor slave has just finished being bitch-slapped and caned for Us. And he obviously is not a"pain slut" haha. But We like that even better- that he took it for US. Not because HE liked it! It was for OUR pleasure and sadistic entertainment!

So now he gets his reward....our FEET! This is done (obviously) to train our weaker slaves to take more and more pain for Us...so they subconsciously learn that pain will eventually = pleasure. They just need to "keep taking it" for Us. :)

He REALLY enjoyed this. You could tell he was sooo glad he came to Our tryout LOL.

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 07, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, April 07, 2015 02:48PM

The Softer Side of The Mean Girls

Sometimes people say We are "too mean" in our clips. LOL. They are "scared" to come and be in Our clips. Well, watch this clip then, crybabies. This is a slave that came to Our latest "slave interviews" that We held in Hollywood.

He was a little scared of Us- but still so worshipful of our beauty that he would do ANYTHING We said. And since he didn't need a mask (like a lot of u losers) We let him know that We didn't have to "k1lll" him. We could just smack him around, degrade him, and humiliate him in Our clips. And he really seemed to enjoy being abused by Us! lol. We even allowed him to smile cuz he was kinda cute.

Oh and btw We are instituting a new policy for video slaves from now on. You can EITHER send Us a deposit (which you get back when you show up for your shoot- just like we have always done) OR you can just send us a picture of your photo ID via email prior to the shoot. No $$$ needed. That is what this slave did. (sent ID- just like he was told. See how easy that is??) You would need to have your ID on file with Us before being in Our clips anyways, so...

Watch this clip to see what you could have experienced if you had the balls to come and meet Us at Our slave interviews, loser haha.

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 06, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, April 06, 2015 10:54AM

Robyn's First Shoelicker

My friend Robyn can't believe that I own slaves now. And get PAID to be WORSHIPPED and walk all over these losers. So I invited her over to Mean Girl Manor to show her. She is just like "OMG" the whole time! LOL! And I make a loser crawl out of its cage and PAY my friend to lick the DIRT off the soles of her shoes.

She can't believe it and laughs her ass off at him. And I make sure he gets the bottoms of her shoes REEALLY clean too. We laugh about how I put him on a street corner to beg for that money- and now he is just handing it over to her just to lick the dort off the BOTTOM OF HER SHOES. She can't believe we can just laugh in his face and tell him he's pathetic- and he STILL pays her and licks the bottoms of her shoes!

Then we get really mean and "taboo". lol. We talk about taking the slave for a walk - naked and on a leash on all fours like a DAWGG - and taking my friends real-life dawgg along with us...and her dawgg is reeeaally HORNY...LOL!

We tell the slave that it has to let her dawgg do WHATEVER it wants to him! LOL! And we are going to FILM it for YOUTUBE! -Goddess Rodea

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 03, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, April 03, 2015 10:53AM

Suck Slave Dick

~~The famous FinDom, beautiful Princess Breanna came to visit Mean Girl Manor recently!

And We LOVED having her help Us abuse Our slaves! She was fuckin awesome. And her FAVORITE is HUMILIATING the SH*TT out of slaves- slaves just like YOU.

And what is THE single most humiliating thing we can make you do? Because honestly, we need to think of something to take your humiliation to another level. We know! We can make you suck ANOTHER SLAVE’S DICK! Haha! OMG now THAT is humiliating!! LOL!

That’s right- we are talking to YOU, loser! Get on your knees. See this cock? It belongs to one of our bigger, muscular slaves- and YOU are going to SUCK IT! We are going to make you suck OTHER SLAVES cocks and we are even going to use it as a TRAINING OPPORTUNITY to make you more PROFITABLE for US!

So not only do we get ENTERTAINED watching you do this, but we are going to use it to train you into being a GOOD COCK-SUCKING WHORE for Us! And you know what Our “cut” is of course- 100%! We get EVERY DOLLAR you make and you get NOTHING! Just as it should be.

So open up and say “ahhh” bitch, and let’s get started. Show us that you You are so low, you will suck off other SLAVES for us! Just so we can train you to “earn” for Us! LOL - Goddess Raven and Princess Breanna

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Apr 02, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, April 02, 2015 12:28PM

Bella's Ballbusting Bitch

~~This was the last slave that came to Our recent "slave interview/tryouts". It was MY personal favorite. I could tell how in awe of my beauty it was- I like that. ;) I made it strip for me while i watched and laughed at it then made it literally KNEEL before me and spread its legs so I could comfortably slap its balls over and over and over with my bare foot....

And it HAD to just keep taking it. I don't even know how many times I casually flicked my foot out and slapped its balls. And I kept doing it harder and harder toward the end...but even though he had trouble taking it, he REALLY seemed to be enjoying it no matter how many times I did it! LOL. I think staring up at my beauty helped... ;)

My fave was when I would lean in close and even blow a little kiss at him to distract him...then WHAM! My foot would go flying up into his balls! Haha!! Soo funny.

These aren't the hardest kicks in Our store, but they were still fun to dish out. If you think you can take more, just contact Us about being in a clip yourself, "SLAVE"! ;) -Princess Bella

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 31, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, March 31, 2015 05:13PM

Eat From Feet

Come here slave... I got some pie for you! You want to eat? Well you get to eat whipped cream pie from my bare feet! It's got chocolate pudding in it too. Are you getting stuffed...? Well, keep eating, after all this is your one chance to eat directly underfoot. How do you like the pie in the face treatment, slave? -Empress Jennifer

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 30, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, March 30, 2015 02:43PM

A Shocking Good Time

Time for some laughs at our new young slave's expense. Princess Bella and I absolutely LOVE using the dawgg shocker on new slaves balls! We just love to laugh and laugh hysterically at slaves in pain!

It is SO funny that we can do anything we want to these losers! We even spit in his mouth and make him lick the dirt off the bottom of our shoes- AS we are shocking him! And there is nothing he can do because he has his hands cuffed behind his back while he is in his cage- so he couldn't get the ballshocker off even if he tried! LOL.

And he is in agony and begging us not to shock his nuts on LEVEL 10, LOL! But we will tease him with our bare feet to "motivate" him to TAKE it for us! (Can u believe this slave actually COMPLAINED about how dirty the bottom of our shoes were and how smelly our sweaty feet were! How DARE he!??) Little bitch needed to pay...

btw sometimes the prongs touched his balls and made him practically JUMP out of his cage, and other times he was able to "take it" either because OUR feet were in his mouth lol...so pathetic that our FEET are like pacifiers to these foot-freaks... -Princess Cindi

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 27, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, March 27, 2015 02:36PM

Stroke Til Broke

I LOVE having a boyfriend that I LOVE so much AND owning slaves and cuckolds that I can simply use to provide the life that me n my boyfriend DESERVE to live! I am SO glad I discovered Femdom!! :) It is like the BEST. But sometimes even the best slaves need some "added motivation", no matter how addicted and pathetic they are.

And when I tell this loser that it is my boyfriends birthday and that I am going to be using IT to pay for the entire weekend getaway that I am treating him to, it is like totally mortified. LOL. (It is a cuck but only cuz I f0rce it to be. It hates paying for stuff for my BF haha. But it knows I will get RID of it if it doesn't!)

And it REALLY freaks when I tell it that my man wants to go to LAS VEGAS! Haha! It starts to beg and plead that the trip will be too expensive and that all the pricey stuff to do in Vegas will make it too easy for Me n my BF to rack up HUGE bills for him to pay. Awww....I feel SOOO bad...NOT! LOL that's what slaves are FOR!

So I just learned about this new technique the other Mean Girls use to motivate pay-slaves called "Jerking". It is when you attach a chain to the slave's right hand, make him "jerk"off, then "jerk" his hand away right when he is JUUUST about to cum! Haha! It is SO funny to watch how DESPERATE they are at that point to continue jerking to your hotness! They will literally agree to ANYTHING you say!

So I attach the chain to the slave's wrist and command him to strip and start jerking while gazing up at MY incredible beauty...he is like SO obsessed with me its totally pathetic. Then I start telling him about all the things me n my boyfriend are going to use him for in Vegas- he will be driving us out there, paying for all our meals, our hotel room (and I want to treat my BF to a PENTHOUSE SUITE in the nicest casino!) and ANY show we want to go to- and I want us to sit in the FRONT row!! I even want to do a big night out on his actual B-day at the trendiest club with bottle service for my man AND all his friends, "popping" bottles of Crystal!

And I literally laugh in this idiot's FACE about how he doesn't get to enjoy ANY of it! His ass will be out in the car - where he BELONGS - "on call" 24/7 via text for ANYTHING me n my BF might need- especially his credit card! He will be our personal concierge, chauffeur, room service, and human ATM all in one! Haha! And when he DARES to start to complain- I just JERK his chain and pull his hand away from his "thing"! And he like totally agrees to ANYTHING then!

And when I get to the GAMBLING part- he REALLY starts to freak! Cuz I decided I want my man to have as MUCH money to gamble with as he wants so he can have UNLIMITED FUN on his birthday! But the only thing about gambling that sucks (and my BF hates) is losing your own money. So I am going to let my boyfriend gamble with my CUCK'S money!! :)

It's perfect! If my boyfriend and I win, we are KEEPING the winnings! And if we lose...oh well, its the cuck's money so who the fuck cares? LOL! Its a win-win! And we can make the craziest bets we want! Can you believe the cuck objected to that?

Even after I said I would let the loser fetch our drinks for us while we gamble with his money?? I mean, I offered to let him actually be AROUND us for a little bit! So I JERK HIS CHAIN- and guess what? He QUICKLY agrees to it so he can get back to stroking to MY beauty! Haha! SOOO PATHETIC...

And just when he thinks I am FINALLY going to actually grant him permission to create a "worship puddle" on the floor for me...I have a SPECIAL surprise for him that will DEFINITELY keep him in-check and on his BEST behavior for me an my man all weekend long! LOL....download the clip to find out what it is! ;) -Goddess Rodea

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 26, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, March 26, 2015 02:25PM


This slave girl has been literally RENTED by us from her "Master" to use & abuse however we want! We mock her for belonging to a male...(ugh!) This bitch is such a whore that she will serve anyone!

She is literally subhuman and wants to be used- by anyone & everyone that will take advantage of her. Ok, well WE are like the BEST at that! Haha! She craves making her Superiors proud by showing TOTAL obedience.

So we yank her out of her cage and walk her around outside, naked and on all fours like the an1mall she is. We even ride her around like a fat, ugly horsey! SOO much fun! :)

She is Our new pett and she HAS to do WHATEVER we say! -FEATURING: Princess Cindi, Goddess Suvana

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 24, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, March 24, 2015 02:43PM

Eat Dick Bitch

We decided to test out our new slave's cock-sucking abilities and make sure that it can deep-throat really well. But instead of using a dildo, we decide to just shove our feet down the whore's throat. Grabbing it's leash, we just take turns shoving our foot down its throat as far as it will go until it gags, then start "face-fucking" it with our foot haha.

Then she is passed back n forth between us so we can take turns yanking on her chain and shoving our foot down her throat while we laughing at how pathetic she is.

"C'mon, if you can swallow a WHOLE foot whore, you can totally swallow a cock!"

While one of us is shoving our foot down her throat, the other leans forward and spits in her face and we both laugh at her... Then we move on to using a HUGE dildo!! The goal for each of us is to make the whore gag. Then we make the whore beg for it while they hold the HUGE black dildo in front of her like a carrot and laugh their asses off while she actually BEGS to suck it for us!

We laugh about how we are going to put her out on the street for us to earn for us! And our cut is 100%!!! All SHE will get is a stomach full of cum! (We joke that will be HER "cut"! Haha. She gets the cum, WE get ALL THE $$$!) -FEATURING: Princess Cindi, Goddess Suvana

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 23, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, March 23, 2015 02:31PM


~~We take this slave and put its balls into the "ball crusher". It was a BAD slave and missed its last filming session with Us! So it needs to be taught a lesson. We take turns standing on the glass and LAUGHING at how its balls are literally being SQUASHED FLAT underneath our feet.

We SERIOUSLY do NOT care as we slowly walk our way up the glass until we are standing on them FULL-WEIGHT and laugh at the slave's agony. Then while we are standing on the glass we add insult to injury by SMACKING it across the face over and over!

Then we take TURNS climbing up on the glass and standing on its BALLS while we smack it and remind it that it needs to SHOW up for Our shoots from now on! Its balls are being crushed under our feet so it absolutely CANNOT get away and has to just stand there and take it like a little BITCH.

About halfway through the clip we take our shoes off so that the only thing between our gorgeous feet and its pathetic balls is that thin sheet of glass. Poor loser is in ecstasy and agony at the same time as it looks down at its own balls being SQUASHED under our gorgeous feet!

-FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi, Goddess Rodea

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 20, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, March 20, 2015 02:29PM

The Return Of Sockboy

~~We have some slaves that come here to Mean Girl Manor and literally pay us just to worship us and be humiliated by Us in Our videos. And THIS loser keeps crawling back to Us LOL. He is one of our real-life fans that keeps coming back just to PAY US to worship our dirty, sweaty, smelly SOCKS. Haha.

He contacted both of us and literally BEGGED us to let him smell and kiss n lick our socks in our videos. So...since he was PAYING us, we let him! (See what happens when you PAY and OBEY, slaves!) He gave us each $200 and literally grovels there on the floor for us like a fool while we laugh at him. (And since he PAID, we let him wear a mask...isn't that NICE of us??)

So we let him have fun with our old sweaty smelly socks. What a loser. And Suvana even lets him HUMP her socks- while they are still on her FEET! Haha. He doesn't last very long though. Guess all that sock-stench was just WAAAAY too much for him to handle.

But can't blame him really...look how HOT we are! LOL -FEETURING: Princess Cindi, Goddess Suvana

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 17, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Tue, March 17, 2015 02:35PM

Kick The Furniture

~~We decide to have more fun by putting the ball kicking slave on its hands n knees and playing a game with it. 2 girls sit on its back and use it as furniture and the 3rd girl gets to run up from behind and give it some "snap kicks" between its legs to try to get the slave to "DROP" the 2 girls! Human furniture needs to be TRAINED, you know! Haha. After all, REAL furniture would NEVER drop its owners no matter how hard it was kicked! lol...

To make it even MORE fun for us - and emotionally cruel for the slave - we make the slave turn over a card before each "round"- and the number that comes up is the number of kicks it needs to take in its balls while holding 2 of us up for that round! Poor slave is eventually trembling as it turns a card over, just HOPING that it gets a low number! LOL

-FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi, Goddess Rodea

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 12, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, March 12, 2015 02:48PM

Cindi's Pathethic Cuck

~~Princess Cindi is determined to look hot for her boyfriend’s birthday. She is taking her boyfriend out to an expensive nightclub along with all her friends AND his friends later on that night- and she wants to look her best for him. Her pathetic slave is busy trying to make his princess look absolutely stunning for her man while Princess Cindi’s boyfriend relaxes downstairs and watches sports with his friends. The slave helps Cindi try on various clubbing dresses to see which one she looks best in. After each dress she tries on, Princess Cindi asks her slave “Do you think my boyfriend will like this?” Each time she tries on a new dress and new shoes, the slave has to kiss her shoes and then her gold watch to show his adoration of her.

When she decides which outfit looks the best for her man, she makes the slave spray her hair with hairspray and then decides it would be funny to make the slave swallow some of the hairspray while she films the disgusting act on her phone. “What a pathetic freak! Who the fuck swallows HAIRSPRY LOL. You’re literally the most pathetic loser I’ve ever met in my life! This is going straight on Instagram” she says in disgust and laughter as she sprays in his mouth and makes him kiss the bottle. Next, she makes the slave give a quick polish to her beautiful gold watch, “My boyfriend likes my jewelry to sparkle, so get it clean for him!” “Oh and by the way, tomorrow when we go to the mall I want you to buy my boyfriend a gold watch as well so we can have matching watches”, Princess Cindi informs the slave like a true brat while he is polishing her watch. The slave tries to protest saying he cant afford it but Princess Cindi gets angry and says “My boyfriend is so much better and younger than you, he deserves it- so you’re going to buy it for him!!!”, the slave eventually agrees because he has no choice. He knows Cindi will get rid of him if he doesn't do EVERYTHING she orders him to. Even if it means serving her boyfriend and buying HIM things too.

After her watch is polished to her standards, Princess Cindi wants her boyfriend’s SHOES to be clean for the club tonight too, so she has the slave go and fetch his shoes and she then proceeds to WIPE THE BOTTOM OF HER BOYFRIEND'S SHOES OFF ON HER SLAVE'S TONGUE! The slave winces in disgust while she wipes her boyfriends shoe soles hard on his tongue over and over, saying “You are such a loser, my boyfriend is relaxing downstairs like a REAL man should- while YOU lick the soles of his shoes clean hahaha!!!” She tells him he will ALSO be doing the same thing to all her boyfriend’s FRIEND'S shoes too! AND her girlfriend’s shoes as well- AFTER they all get back from clubbing all night! AND that he will be serving as an ASHTRAY later on for herself AND even her boyfriend too, as it is HIS special night! The slave is horrified but he knows he has to agree to everything.

Princess Cindi goes back to the mirror to do some final touches on her makeup while the slave licks and kisses her shoes. Princess Cindi laughs and comments “Ah, its sooo good being beautiful and rich with a hot boyfriend, I can’t imagine being a loser like you”. The slave has been completely broken down at this point, when Cindi says “Ok that’s enough on my shoes, go downstairs like a good little faggot and see if my man and his friends need more beers”, the slave then kisses his princess’s shoes, and runs downstairs to cater to her boyfriend...

Miami Mean Girls

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Miami Mean Girls - Mar 09, 2015

Miami Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Mon, March 09, 2015 02:15PM

Walking All Over Step Daddy

~~Princess Cindi calls her step daddy in and demands a raise. She is a total brat and bosses her step daddy around because she doesn't like him and thinks he is an old loser and not good enough for her m0m. Plus she knows he is like OBSESSED with her. She knows how hot she is and he is always staring at her. AND she caught him recently peeping on her while she was changing! So he WILL do whatever she says- and she wants a RAISE IN HER ALLOWANCE!

But Cindi's stepdadddy BEGS her not to take more money from him. He already gives her $500 a week and her m0m takes everything else! He literally gets on his knees and begs. But Cindi knows she is the boss of this old man. She orders him to lay down on the FLOOR at her feet- and he HAS to do it or she will tell her m0m EVERYTHING about him peeping on her and she will divorce him in a HEARTBEAT- and he knows it.

So he does as he is commanded by this petite little girl less than half his size and have his age. And Cindi proceeds to heartlessly WALK ALL OVER HIM- in her STILETTO HEELS. Her step-daddy is quickly SCREAMING and WINCING in PAIN. while she condescendingly and mockingly demands her raise in allowance. Cindi has him COMPLETELY at her mercy now, and decides that an "allowance" is BS anyway- he will get a second job for her! And one entire PAYCHECK will go to her, and the other one will go to her m0m from now on!

Miami Mean Girls

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