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Yoo Girls - Jan 13, 2017

Yoo GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, January 13, 2017 14:42:11

Drink It Down, Bitch (Becky) - HD

Added: 2017-01-13

Whenever you are hard and horny your mind goes to one thing, there is just ONE thing that you think about, isn't there? One thing you think about doing. You know what that is. It's taking a big juicy load into your mouth. Taking it all in and down your throat, you think of swallowing it.

Today you are going to take that big load right down your throat. Pathetic little man. Start jerking that cock for me. Watch your perfect goddess as I tease you. I want you to keep wanking until you get right on the edge and prepare yourself. I want you to drink every drop and savor it all. I know the task sounds a bit daunting to you but I ensure you that you will love every single second of it.

You are going to crave it after this. Wank into that cup and I want you to sip it, bit by bit. Get used to the taste! Part of you is scared to do it but part of you is excited. I know you will hesitate but you will drink it all. I want you to get a cup to prepare yourself. After this you are going to jerk and pay every time you cum.

Don't try to resist this. You need this. Get ready to cum in that cup for me. Go on. Do it. Drink it, go on. Do it! Does it taste good? I bet you love it! - Becky

Length: 8min. Size: 453 MB Format: mp4 Category: Female Domination Language: English

Glam Worship



Added: 2017-01-12

Imagine... You are my prisoner in my dungeon. I have you on your knees wearing a tight collar and leash, and bound to my bench. You have had to wait for me to arrive.

You still don't know what's in store for you. All you know is that your situation is helpless, I alone will decide your fate. I am going to get you to lick clean a pair of my favourite boots. If you do a good job. I may allow you the privilege of remaining on your knees. You need to make sure that tongue of yours is licking every part of my boots.

I have a flogger and will beat you to make sure you understand. From the beginning, I can see I'm going to have to make you suffer. Your a lazy slut and you are making me angry. I want to see my boots shining, or the flogger will make sure your back has a change of colour.

Eventually, as I look down on your pathetic face, you think you are finished and have done a good enough job of cleaning my boots. Not so... I'm disappointed and sick listening to your continual squeaks.

So I'm going to reward you with a nice TIGHT ballgag, and put your head in a plastic bag. You will helplessly suffer until I decide what to do with you. "Breath in for me"

-Mistress Gaia...

Length: 11min. Size: 188 MB Format: mp4 Category: Female Domination Language: Italian

Mistress Gaia

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