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Chateau Cuir - Sep 30, 2017

Chateau CuirPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, September 30, 2017 15:11:05

The leatherclad executrix

September 28, 2017, 10 mins 35 secs

She is lethal, a real Femme Fatale and wearing leather makes her feel even more powerful and sexy. She talks about her job as an executrix and how it turns her on before she gets herself off in her leather business suit.

Contains: boots, skirts, coats/jackets, solo, masturbation

Chateau Cuir

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American Mean Girls - Sep 30, 2017

American Mean GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Sat, September 30, 2017 15:08:58

Minion Assignment 1

ALL my slaves need to buy this clip. Or even those that are just THINKING about serving ME. NOT because the clip is super "hot" or anything. To be honest, it's not really. (Except for the fact that it has ME in it, of course LOL.) But you still need to buy it because it has some VERY important instructions that I want ALL my slaves to follow in order to deepen your long-term ENSLAVEMENT to ME.

This clip will tell you what you need to do in order to heighten your "Princess Bella Experience" while watching ALL of my FUTURE videos. I even priced it extra low so all you losers could afford to buy it!

So watch this clip to hear what a great idea I have to increase my control over you and drill my will deeper into your brain with every clip of mine that you watch from now on...then I even want you to report in to me about what it was like watching one of my clips after you follow my instructions in THIS clip.

All my true worshippers MUST watch this clip. -Princess Bella

American Mean Girls

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Yoo Girls - Sep 29, 2017

Yoo GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, September 29, 2017 18:35:10

Mistress and her pet

Added: 2017-09-29

Sexy Mistress Antonella and her pet. She walks her puppy while he is so happy to be such a lucky pet… he smells her feet, kisses them, licks her shoes clean and barks. Then Mistress Antonella takes off her shoes and puts on her thigh boots and starts hitting her pets’ dick. He sucks her heels like he would suck a huge dick and he really enjoys it. At the end, Mistress leads him back to the cage where she locks him.

Length: 10min. Size: 115 MB Format: mp4 Category: Female Domination Language: English

Silicone Goddess Antonella

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Subby Hubby - Sep 29, 2017

Subby HubbyPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, September 29, 2017 18:33:04

Paris Trains Her Husband Part 4: Service Her Pussy

Runtime: 04:53 | Release date: 09/29/2017

Description: Paris Knight has her husband in his rightful place as her submissive bitch. He is to pleasure her only with his mouth, as his tiny dick and lack of stamina can't satisfy her. He may never feel her pussy ever again unless she feels like being amused.

Right now, she wants him to pleasure her with a dildo gag. He better do a good job, or he will never even LICK her pussy ever again.

Subby Hubby

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Femme Fatale Films - Sep 29, 2017

Femme Fatale FilmsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, September 29, 2017 18:31:28


Updated Today with Part 2 Of 4

Featuring Lady Mephista.

Lady Mephista is extremely particular about the way any slave in her presence conducts themselves and their worship of her. Failure to do either to her exacting standards means swift and harsh punishment. The foot slave is first instructed to lick the dirt from the soles of her high heeled shoes.

He then has the good fortune to breathe the scent from her well worn shoes with each one smothering his face in turn. When Lady Mephista takes off her shoes and dips her hot and sweaty toes into his mouth, it is an honour few very get to experience, with only those most obedient ever being allowed such a great privilege. Part 2 Duration: 5 mins 35 secs Photos: 18

Femme Fatale Films

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Femdom Empire - Sep 29, 2017

Femdom EmpirePosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, September 29, 2017 18:29:32

Vicki's Chastity Gimp

Date Added: September 28, 2017 | 12 min of video

Mistress Vicki Chase has her bondage gimp restrained to heighten his senses. She crawls all over his restrained body and sits on his face, only a thin layer of spandex separates her pussy from his mouth. She gets aroused as he breathes heavy against her clit.

Vicki moves to his exposed & caged cock. She rubs herself against the bars. The slave gets so horny as he feels the wetness of her pussy rubbing against his caged cock. His cock crimps in from growing, she uses the opportunity to use the pin wheel on his sensitive hard cock.

Femdom Empire

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The English Mansion - Sep 29, 2017

The English MansionPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, September 29, 2017 18:27:57

Courtney's Slave Toy

Movie Update Today's Movie - Friday, 29th September 2017 Part 2 of 5

Featuring Mistress Courtney

Miss Courtney chooses to let her slave out of the cage as she has some use for him. Her stunning thigh high boots are cleaned and worshipped by his tongue, as she encourages with a crop on his cock. Miss then decides to teases and torment him, as she uses the suspension to make him vulnerable to her touch and devious mind.

She ties up his cock and hangs weights of his balls before using the Erostek to shock his pulsing dick, pegs biting into his sensitive flesh. As a reward for his suffering, the Venus 2000 milking machine is put to use us his cock, teasing and edging over and over until she decides to deny, locking him back up, frustrated and suitably punished, until she wants to use him again.


Cell Foot Service

Movie Update Today's Movie - Friday, 29th September 2017 Part 1 of 3

Featuring Miss Suzie

Suzie sneaks into the dungeon and then enters the chained up slaveboy's caged cell, waking him up and demanding that he give her immediate pleasure on her feet. She relaxes on the mattress and orders him to kiss and lick her delightful toes and sole, his attentiveness impresses her and she enjoys the worship.

She uses her vibrator on her cunt and the combination of this with the foot love brings her an intense orgasm. Suzie then rewards the slave by rubbing her feet on his hard cock, giving a sexy footjob until she makes him cum hard, leaving him until she requires his service again.

The English Mansion

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Club Dom - Sep 29, 2017

Club DomPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Fri, September 29, 2017 18:25:10

Whipped For Tangent and Dahlia

Runtime: 06:20 | Release date: 09/29/2017

Description: Goddess Dahlia and Goddess Tangent have their slave cowering and shaking on the floor. "Posture up, bitch!" Dahlia commands. They make fun of how pathetic he is while cracking their whips at him.

"Beg to be whipped!" Goddess Tangent commands. The women destroy him with their whips over and over, sending excruciating pain through his entire back. He screams but the women just continue to make fun of his cries, while more lashes fly through the air, tearing into him.

They continue, despite him pleading for them to stop. The woman laugh, having fun at his painful expense.

Club Dom

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Yoo Girls - Sep 28, 2017

Yoo GirlsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, September 28, 2017 17:47:15

Dauerwichsend im Büro? Ab jetzt bist du keusch!

Added: 2017-09-26

Dass du überhaupt wichsen musst, weil du so ein jämmerliches kleines Stückchen Scheiße bist, dass seine perversen Gelüste nur im Alleingang befriedigt bekommt, ist ja schon eine Ansage.

Dass du aber so dermaßen abhängig bist und es dir regelmäßig auf dem Klo im Büro besorgen musst weil dir vor Geilheit der Saft vermutlich andernfalls aus Mund und Nase tropfen würde, verpasst dem ganzen eine völlig neue, Note der Peinlichkeit. Ab sofort hat das ein Ende. Ab jetzt wird gezahlt.

Ich lasse deine Eier schön blau und prall werden, denn gemolken wird nur noch dein Konto! Du darfst zusehen wie es "abspritzt" und dabei schrumpft, genau so wie dein kleines Würstchen. Ab sofort gilt das Wichs- und Spritzverbot...

Length: 5min. Size: 70 MB Format: mp4 Category: Brainfucking Language: German

Isabella Tasci

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Femme Fatale Films - Sep 28, 2017

Femme Fatale FilmsPosted by FemdomConnect Admin Thu, September 28, 2017 17:40:58

Four Heel Fury

Updated Today with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Lady Mia Harrington.

The menial kitchen duties are left to the menial slaves, however when not done to the Mistress's exacting standards, they must suffer the consequences... in this instance it means double heel trampling, humiliation, face sit smothering, spitting and a thorough verbal dressing down. Complete Duration: 8 mins 4 secs Photos: 12

Femme Fatale Films

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